Behind the scenes at Bath Ales

Team at BreweryWith over 5,000 pints and 19,000 bottles served at our events each year, Bath Ales are one of our biggest drinks suppliers.

So, in the true spirit of research, we visited Hare House, Bath Ales HQ in Warmley for a brewery tour and training from the brilliant Stuart & Julian.

First stop on the tour was the warehouse to sample the malted barley which gives the beers their distinctive flavours; from the chocolate and crystal malts used in Barnsey to the Pale Ale malt used in Wild Hare.


We then headed over to the brewery where we saw how the malts are combined with water, hops and yeast to extract the sugars from the grains so that the yeast can turn it into alcohol and CO2, thus creating beer!

The beer is fermented in massive ‘coppers’, so called because these enormous vessels were once made from copper. They are now made from stainless steel and each hold a whopping 24,000 pints!


Next stop was the bottling plant, the high tech, whizzy bit of the brewery where they get hundreds of thousands of pints into bottles without spilling a drop (well almost).


Happily the last stop on the tour is Bath Ales’ own on-site Pub where we enjoyed a pint of our choice. Award winning Gem was the most popular choice and is their best seller.

Bath Ales are the main sponsor at Bath Rugby where we provide the hospitality catering and where they will play their last home game of the season this weekend.

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