1. The Brewin Dolphin Cricket Festival 2016


    We were back at Cheltenham Cricket Festival, for the sixth year running. As always challenging ourselves with new exciting menus ten days in a row.

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  2. Recipe: Peas in a Pod

    Peas in a pod overheadThese cute little canapés can be whipped up in minutes, leaving you time to entertain your guests! Continue Reading

  3. Recipe: Raw summer veg ‘slaw

    Raw SlawInvite your friends round for an alfresco evening of delicious drinks, canapés, barbequed meats and this vibrant, healthy, raw summer ‘slaw with pickled ginger and orange dressing.

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  4. Free range milk #notallmilkisthesame

    Neil Darwent Barhouse FarmThroughout the eighties and nineties battery hen farming received international attention and condemnation for it’s cruel practices. Continue Reading

  5. Bristol Old Vic 250th Anniversary Dinner

    Bristol Old Vic Dinner TablesAs part of their 250th birthday celebrations on Sunday 29th May, Bristol Old Vic held a gala dinner in the theatre, with four historical courses celebrating the theatre’s past, present and future. Continue Reading

  6. Recipe: Wild Thing

    Wild Garlic FlowerThere’s something innately satisfying about foraging for food. It takes us back to our hunter gatherer roots, marking the passing of the seasons and rediscovering something forgotten just months earlier. Continue Reading

  7. Behind the scenes at Bath Ales

    Team at BreweryWith over 5,000 pints and 19,000 bottles served at our events each year, Bath Ales are one of our biggest drinks suppliers.

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  8. Eggs at Easter and other foodie customs

    Eggs Died with Onion SkinsAs you’d eggspect (okay we won’t make egg puns all the way through this), many foodie traditions that take place at Easter involve eggs, one of the foods denied during Lent. Continue Reading

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