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Building an event from scratch requires military precision, which is why Events Director Andy Cole is our go-to-guy for large-scale marquee events.

From fields to gardens to country estates – every year, we produce dozens of prestigious private events. Having worked at the Beaufort Polo Club and Highgrove, Andy is adept at making sure these elaborate events go without a hitch. Here, the unflappable Andy explains what’s involved and why Fosters is a leader in the field.

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What kind of events do you manage?

I specialise in bespoke private events. These events are many and varied – from long table lunches to show-stopping weddings, hunt balls to charity events – my job is to make sure Fosters goes above and beyond every time. We’re delivering five-star level fine dining so everything must be of the highest standard across the board, regardless of location.


What are the challenges?

With every event, we’re going into a space we’ve never worked in before. Sometimes we have to build an entire kitchen from scratch, under time constraints, in a completely new environment.

It all comes down to experience and pre-event planning. There’s no eventuality we don’t consider beforehand so there are no challenges we can’t handle on the day. Everything always runs smoothly, whether we’re catering for 100 or 1000 people, it’s no different.

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Have there been any big highlights over the last year?

There have been many, many highlights; we’ve looked after royal clients, celebrity events and some really memorable private events. Every event is a highlight really as each one is completely different. It’s a hugely rewarding job.

What’s the best bit of feedback you’ve had this year?

“God you’re amazing!” from Lady Vestey when we looked after her daughter’s 21st birthday party.

PWhat should event planners consider when choosing a caterer?

Experience and expertise are key. At Fosters, we have an incredibly close working relationship with our suppliers. We’ve worked with the same marquee companies, the same florists, all the same suppliers for many years so there’s a huge amount of shared experience. Never underestimate the importance of good teamwork!

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