Fosters Feast: an illustration

Fosters card blog headerEarlier this year we commissioned Bristol Illustrator Hannah Bailey to design an image that represents a Fosters dining experience that we could use to create a card to send to our clients.

We’d previously worked with Hannah on a project to create a Food Map illustrating our local food and drink suppliers. She did a brilliant job and we loved working with her, so we knew that she was the woman for the job.


The brief was to create a congratulations card for our clients; obviously something foodie and possibly a table laid with a feast. Our gorgeous ‘Fosters Feast’ illustration was the result.

Recently we asked her about the design process and what she most enjoyed about the project.

How do you work to create an image like this?

“My illustrations usually begin with a pencil drawing, which I then trace and hand-cut each tiny shape into a stencil. I used vibrant inks and a dry brush to fill the shapes with texture and colour, drawing each element separately so that I can be free and playful with the composition when it is put together digitally.”

fosters-process-illustration1Which of the elements did you enjoy illustrating the most?

“I love drawing vegetables, fruits and cheeses, all things bright and delicious. For inspiration, I looked no further that Foster’s mouth-watering menus and photographs of their lovely table settings and dishes. One of the things that stood out initially was the idea of a naked wedding cake and it was one of the first things I drew. I love the simplicity of the naked wedding cake, piled with fresh fruit and flowers.”

fosters-process-roughWhat did you find hardest to draw?

“In order to find a composition that captured the abundance of colours and textures, and the variety of dishes, I chose quite a difficult angle from which to illustrate the table. It’s not an angle that I have worked with before and so was the trickiest aspect of the drawing. I really enjoyed learning a new way of looking at an image, and will certainly use the technique again.”

HB-2We’ve had some lovely feedback from our clients, who love the illustration as much as we do. The colour palate is charming and we especially like the foxgloves, Severn Project salad leaves and cheese board including Godminster cheddar, Cerney ash goats cheese and Hobbs House breads.

fosters-process-illustration-salad-scanWorking with Hannah was a joy, as usual, and we’re always coming up with ideas of how we can use her designs.fosters-card-23july

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