The galloping gourmet: back for good

Head Shot from VideoFrench Chef, Philippe Descaillaux makes no secret of having itchy feet and has traveled the world in search of his culinary utopia.

He talks about his inspirations as a chef and why we’ve finally managed to persuade him to join our team on a permanent basis.

Born in Nevers, France in 1966, Philippe grew up on the family farm in the countryside near Sancerre surrounded by animals and a bounty of fresh produce. Unsurprisingly, he owes his love of good food to his late Grandmother and one of his earliest memories is returning from school on an Autumn afternoon to the delicious aromas of wild venison & boar cooking slowly over the fire.

4fe181a0c6499_SancerreHaving completed an apprenticeship in the kitchen of his local restaurant aged just 15½ he went to Germany to do his military service before moving to Paris in 1986 to work at restaurant L’Armorique where he was named the youngest head chef in Paris.

It was a desire to learn English, so that he could travel, that prompted him to accept a job at The Glass Boat Company in 1990. He remembers with great fondness the day that he was met at Bristol airport by the then head chef, Vincent Castellano; now an award winning British artisanal charcutier who supplies much of our charcuterie.

B0137P 0020It was in Bristol that he met his English wife who returned with him to the South of France to learn French. Since then, he has travelled extensively between Bristol, Australia and California, catering to movie stars in LA where he was inspired by the fresh ingredients and healthy lifestyle.

And so, having cooked his way around the world, why has he finally decided to settle at Fosters?

Fosters - GC Party (19)“I’ve worked on and off at Fosters for nearly 10 years, over which time the people have become like family to me. I like the atmosphere in the kitchen and we look out for each other. Above all, working on events gives me lots of variety which means that I don’t get quite so easily bored!”

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