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We had a quick catch up with our Chief Executive Neil, for a run down of the last couple of years at Fosters and plans for  the business’ future.

Can you tell us about the journey Fosters has been on over the last few years?

Two and a half years ago Fosters went through a very challenging period. We’d diversified the business and were operating a number of restaurants when the recession hit. The restaurants were a huge financial strain so we sold them to focus on our core events business. Like many business’ during the recession, we had to get leaner and meaner to ride the storm.

Fast-forward two and a half years – from December 2012 to now – and we’ve had our most successful year ever. Refocusing our business has resulted in 20% year on year sales growth over the past two years and record profits in the past 12 months, Fosters is booming.

Now we’re investing heavily in the business – in new equipment, improved premises and in the people who will help to facilitate this unprecedented growth. It’s all about laying the foundations for the next stage and our people are key to the continuing evolution of Fosters.

Our business is booming and there are huge opportunities in the pipeline so we feel confident about the years ahead.

What do you attribute Fosters recent success to?

Focusing on what we do well. Fosters is a family-owned business with a sterling reputation built over 56 years in business. Going back to our roots, and setting the bar even higher by using the best locally sourced produce, has been a winning formula for us.

We also have an extraordinary workforce. They are highly motivated with a real ‘can do’ attitude – they view every event as completely individual and unique, whether we’re serving 30,000 people at Plymouth Graduation Week or making a wedding day everything the happy couple dreamed of.

External factors have played a part too – growth has returned to the economy and there’s more confidence in the market.

What now for Fosters?

Recruitment is our top priority now, with junior and senior chefs top of the list to support the huge growth we are experiencing. The kitchen is Fosters’ engine shed so we need to ensure it’s firing on all cylinders.

Why is Fosters a great place to work?

Because of the people. Our workforce has an absolute passion for what they do and they work brilliantly as a team. Fosters is owned by two families, and the team thinks of Fosters as their extended family. Also because we spend so much time together! It’s a very close knit and supportive community.

If you want to work at Fosters please send your CV and a covering email to?

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