Recipe: Peas in a Pod

Peas in a pod overheadThese cute little canapés can be whipped up in minutes, leaving you time to entertain your guests!

(Serves 6)

12 peas in the pod
¼ teaspoon crème fraiche
¼ teaspoon mint sauce
5 fresh mint leaves
2 rashers of smoked streaky bacon (optional)
Salt and pepper

Peas in a pod method

– Gently fry the bacon (if using) and put on a plate to cool.
– Once cool, roughly chop with a knife
– Then, very finely cut the mint. Don’t chop it as you may bruise it.
– Split the peas, keeping the half with the stalk intact. Remove all the peas except the bottom one (closest to the stalk).
– Put the podded peas in a blender and blitz a few times. Remove the blitzed peas and stir in the crème fraiche, mint sauce, bacon and freshly cut mint. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
– Lay the half pods, with the one pea left in the base, on a presentation board. With a teaspoon, carefully spoon the mixture evenly between the pods, leaving the individual pea exposed.

Peas in a pod table

Enjoy with a glass of something chilled!

Mint Julep

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