Recipe: Creamed Sprouts

Brussel SproutsThis is probably the best Brussel sprout recipe you’ll ever taste and works well, not only on Christmas Day, but with a roast any time of the year, or served with crusty bread for a wintry supper.

Makes 8 – 12 portions

500g sliced brussel sprouts
100g pancetta [finely diced]
50g carrot [peeled and finely diced]
50g shallots [finely diced]
50g celeriac [peeled and finely diced]
250ml double cream
50ml dry white wine
1 sprig of fresh thyme
black pepper [ground or coarse ground]
2tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Add sliced sprouts to pan of salted, boiling water and cook until 75% cooked, remove from water to cool [TIP! put into iced water to stop them cooking further and then drain when cold]

In a suitable size saucepan heat the olive oil [high heat], then add shallots, carrots, celeriac ,pancetta, thyme and a little salt and pepper – stir now and then to obtain slight colouring and softening.

Add white wine in one go and let it bubble away until reduced to 10% of original amount, then add the double cream. Bring up to bubble, then turn the heat down slightly but continue to let the cream cook down/reduce to a thick glossy texture [stir as required to stop the mixture catching/burning].

Finally, add the sprouts to the mix and heat through [the final cooking of the sprouts happens at this stage], be careful not to boil/overcook.

Check seasoning and either serve or divide into portions ready to freeze.

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