Wye Asparagus?

AsparagusAt last, British asparagus season is upon us and we’re now taking regular deliveries of some of the best asparagus around.

Wye Valley Asparagus is grown by fourth-generation farmers, the Chinn family, who planted their first Asparagus crop in the spring of 2003. The light, sandy soil and south-facing slopes of the meandering Wye Valley capture the earliest spring sunlight, creating the perfect microclimate to produce some of the earliest, and best, asparagus in the UK.

Chinn Family

In addition, their Asparagus is hand-harvested and hydro-cooled down to 2° C within the hour, ensuring that it retains maximum freshness and flavour. It is the Chinn families’ attention to freshness and quality, as well as the natural advantage of their location, that makes Wye Valley Produce, which has since expanded to include Rhubarb and Blueberries, stand out from the rest.

Wye Valley Asparagus

Happily, asparagus is also very good for you, with its high levels of vitamins A and C, potassium, iron and calcium. And, did you know that asparagus is a diuretic, giving urine an unmistakable aroma (which, curiously, not everyone can smell!).

With produce this fresh and delicious you don’t want to overcomplicate things so we simply team the asparagus with a truffle vinaigrette and Trealy Farm charcuterie for a deliciously simple starter.Elmore Court-22-Food 2015, In House, Kirstie Young

Look out for white and purple asparagus varieties which we expect to see early in May.

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